The Dangers of Construction and Logging Jobs

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. That is a simple fact. However, the levels of risk associated with different industries might surprise you. For example, learning that construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs is not entirely shocking. However, if a person were to list dangerous jobs, lumberjacking or tree felling is probably not at the top of mind for most people.

This goes to show that you truly never know the dangers that a person traverses every day they go to work. And while some jobs are more dangerous than others, ranking as more or less dangerous is not as important as making sure that everyone at your company is protected as much as possible.

Construction accidents are common. In one country, occupation-related injuries were prevalent in 31% of construction workers. The statistics in the United States are not that much better: 971 American construction workers died in 2017 as a result of accidents like falls, being struck by an object, and electrocutions.

Construction requires building at differing heights at the same time by different workers. The danger thus posed is that a person falls from a tall height or that an object falls from a similarly dangerous height and strikes a person, injuring them. Other ways to be struck by an object include a machine malfunction or a person improperly operating machinery that moves objects and products around in a construction site. Electrocutions are a pretty self-explanatory injury, however, it is more common than you might expect. Construction sites have lots of live wires because it is expected that trained professionals will be able to safely operate around wiring that is only temporarily exposed.

Construction work is not inherently dangerous: building or repairing structures is most dangerous when negligence or inattention to rules are present on-site. But other jobs are simply dangerous because of what is required to do the job. The best example is logging, lumberjacking, or other variation of felling trees as a job. There is no safe way to ax down a tree and have it fall one way. Sure, some people excel at making the tree fall one way versus another (perhaps, near more people).

But in any variation of the way a person makes a tree fall down, that person is in danger of the tree falling on them or in some way falling to the ground and endangering lives. There is no amount of regulation or prevention that can dramatically increase the safety of people in this industry.

However, if a person continuously shows up to work without safety gear or if your boss lets an untrained/unqualified person work on a tree felling job with you, then you are being put in danger beyond the standards of a dangerous job. If you are being purposefully ignored or if your needs for a better workplace are not being met, you have legal options. Your best bet is to find a law firm like ChasenBoscolo that has experience in handling claims of employee endangerment or, in the case of construction accidents, handling claims of negligent industry safety hazards.

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Listeria infection: What it is and how you can prevent it

Listeria is a type of bacterium that can cause listeriosis, a type of food-borne disease that is typically non-fatal for healthy individuals. However, for young children, older adults, or for those with weak immune system, a listeria infection can be serious, sometimes even deadly. Signs and symptoms of listeria infection may occur days after exposure, which may include diarrhea, muscle pain, fever, and nausea.

There are many different causes of listeriosis. According to the website of Williams Kherkher (view website), food products that have been manufactured and packaged in an unsanitary way are most prone to listeria contamination. Home-cooked meals stored and handled in an unsanitary are also at risk of contamination.

Unfortunately, listeriosis may take its greatest toll on vulnerable groups. Unborn babies whose mother was exposed to listeria, for instance, are at risk of premature birth, still birth, miscarriage, or life-threatening infection. For those with weak immune system, such as the elderly or those with chronic diseases, listeriosis may result in septicemia (blood infection), or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain).

The adverse effects associated with listeriosis can be fatal. As such, it is important to seek medical help for accurate diagnosis and prompt antibiotic treatment if you believe you have been exposed to listeria. You may also keep in mind these tips on how to ensure that your foods are safe from contamination:

  • Never drink unpasteurized milk or eat products with unpasteurized milk
  • When eating raw vegetables, wash them thoroughly with clean running water to make sure that no listeria-containing materials are left
  • When preparing and handling food, make sure to use only clean utensils
  • Utensils used for uncooked food should never be used for the cooked or ready-to-eat ones
  • If you are pregnant, are sick, or have weak immune system, take extra precautions in eating refrigerated seafood and deli meats
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Personal Injury: In Dealing With Motor Vehicle Accidents

Nobody wants to have to deal with an accident – least of all the innocent victim who is at the tail end of this kind of situation. It is not even just the physical trauma suffered that can come as a result from an accident of this nature. It can be so much worse than just that and affect more than one person or party.

According to the website of Spiros Law, P.C., people who have been in accidents that have caused serious injury have experienced emotional strain as well as financial troubles due to the medical expenses, repair of damaged property, as well as all the other costs that come with it, not to mention the fact that the psychological scarring that an accident could do to a person is quite profound. A victim may develop post-traumatic stress disorder following a harsh accident, leading to a trauma of the situation that caused the accident or even depression or insomnia.

One of the most traumatic kinds of accidents that can cause those aforementioned psychological traumas is those of accidents caused by motor vehicles. By definition, a motor vehicle is a vehicle that one propels by oneself and it operates outside of any tracks or railways. Operating this kind of vehicle requires a license and a strict, mandatory testing in order to ensure that the people behind the wheel are capable individuals who are trusted on the road. This trust can often be misplaced as there are some people who are negligent of their own actions and cause vehicular accidents that can be devastating enough to be merited with personal injury lawsuits.

Car accident lawyers have gone on record to state that though the number of fatalities caused by vehicular accidents has gone down in more recent years, there are still over 30,000 Americans who perish due to these kinds of circumstances. Insurance companies cannot always be relied upon to give out the precise amount necessary in order to successfully cope and recuperate from the accident and that is why legal action, in order to claim justifiable compensation for the damages sustained, is advised for situations like this.

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