What Can You Do to Battle Sexual Harassment?

It is a hard day and age, still, for women all over the world. People who say otherwise either nurse an internal misogyny or are simply too blinded by their own privileges without realizing that these are not universal truths that every woman is familiar with in her day to day life. Take, for example, the cases of sexual harassment of women in the workplace.

Though it is true that men are just as privy to this kind of obscene treatment, it has been statistically proven that women are more likely to experience this kind of harassment from their colleagues in their workplace than men. As women have been desensitized by many norms and cultural aspects of recent society that this behavior is normal or to be expected, many people are unaware of the possible legal action that a woman could call for, should there be evidence of sexual harassment.

According to the website of employment lawyers Cary Kane, there are two types of sexual harassment that are prohibited by law. One of which is the Quid Pro Quo. This is the type wherein someone’s position in the company is threatened if sexual favors are not granted towards the superior and if denied, the employee could be terminated from his or her position. Another type of sexual harassment in the workforce is that of a hostile work environment. This means that there are often lewd, sexual comments made about an individual within the workplace, disrupting the flow of work as well as disrespecting the said individual.

These kinds of incidents are not often reported due to fear or a mentality that these circumstances are allowed due to simple, ignorant acceptance of “this is how the world works”, when it should be anything but. The rights of any man and woman should be of equal value, and they are, in the eyes of the law and so behavior of this nature is simply unacceptable. If you or someone you know is being treated in this manner, it is recommended that legal action is taken in order to pursue justice against such horrid acts.

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